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Dictionary - Lapine to English

This is primarily a dictionary of colloquial Lapine, so only a few words from the inflected language are included - broadly, those which are relatively common in everyday speech, such as hyaont, "yesterday" (see Unit 03). Remember also that this is simply a word list, not a grammar - for example, brek ("bramble") is listed, but not brekennion ("blackberry"), as the latter is formed in a regular way (see Unit 07). Similarly, most attributes (speed, tharn-ness etc) are not listed, as they can easily be formed by the addition of -alt, as explained in Unit 11.

a) The native Lapine alphabet does not contain the letters C, J, Q or X. C is occasionally found in words, such as hawock, "pheasant", which are borrowings from other languages.
b) É is a separate letter, and comes immediately after E. However, for the sake of simplicity, I have observed this distinction here only for the initial letter of words, so lendri comes after léao.
c) G and W never begin a word (very rare archaisms such as glanbrin aside), and are only encountered in the combinations NG and AW/OW respectively.
d) Double-letter combinations (HR, TH etc) are treated as two separate letters for the purposes of this dictionary. (Unlike Welsh, where NG comes straight after G!)

Key to abbreviations
adj. adjective
adv. adverb
conj. conjunction
excl. exclamation
n. noun
npl. noun found only in plural form
nsg. noun found only in singular form
obj. object
pl. plural
pref. prefix
prep. preposition
pron. pronoun
prop n. proper noun
sg. singular
subj. subject
suff. suffix
v. verb


a conj. and
a subj. pron. I
ai subj. pron. they
aisi conj. or
Akirith prop. n. Honeycomb
an conj. but
anisth n. wind, breath
anisth v. to breathe
anistheer adv. windy
ao conj. + adj. and the
ar conj. = a
asith prep. with
atha n. heart
aydir n. pike
aythi n. primrose


blair adv. when
blaeth adv. whenever (Naylte Éan only)
blao n. place
blel n. paw
bleth pron. what
bral v. to think, believe
bralant v. to remember
bralnao v. to fear
bralrah v. to pray
bralth v. to forsee
bralvao v. to hope
branant v. to forget (uncommon variant of nalant)
bray adj. slow
brek n. bramble
bryhl n. hill
bryhlath n. down (eg Watership Down)
-byt suff. fairly; quite


dahloi n. dandelion
dayn v. to come
des n. three
desthile adj. third
dihraw v. to squat
drao v. to have to, must
dray v. to hop (rabbit-style, not on one leg!)
duhreth n. hawkbit


e subj. pron. he; it
efath n. plant
El-ahrairah prop. n. rabbit folk hero (from elil-hrair-rah, "prince with a thousand enemies")
eleer n. winter
ela nsg. an enemy (archaic; poetic use only)
elil npl. enemies of rabbitry
embleer adj. stinking; also used as a swearword roughly equivalent to "damned"
embli v. to stink
es pl. subj. pron. you
eth n. one
etheth adj. alone, lonely, solitary
ethile adj. first
ethsi adj. a few


éan adj. old
éath n. valley
éathyhl n. combe
émar n. mate
émar v. to mate
éneer adj. sad
éveer adj. happy


flarli n. doe's den
flay n. food; drink
flay v. to eat; to feed; to drink
flayfa n. food reserved for officers, Wide Patrollers etc (Efrafan)
flayfath n. grass
flayrah n. particularly appetising food, eg carrots
flayuhl n. mouth
floroo n. scrape
flow n. burrow, chamber
fran v. fight
freth n. south
Frith prop. n. the Sun; chief god of rabbit pantheon
Frithaes! excl. hi!; bye!; all right!
Fritheer n. summer
Frithyeer adj. sunny
fu prep. after; afterwards. fu Inlé after moonrise. fu Frith morning (lit. "after sunrise")
fuléao n. dawn
fuleth n. east


glanbrin n. a mythical creature (archaic)


hahean adj. enough
hain n. song
hain v. to sing
hawock n. pheasant (borrowed from hedgerow talk)
hay v. to see; to watch; to look
hayessi n. watcher, lookout
hay-nyt n. stare
hayuhl n. eye
hehlant n. speedwell
hithra n. a long while
hla n. to swim
hlaf adj. up; roof, top
hlal v. to catch
hlang adj. left
hleengar n. holly
hli adv. her
hlien n. warren
hlienes n. home
hlessi n. a rabbit living in the open, without a hole
hloli n. face
hloth adv. why
hlow prep. in front of
hoi! excl. hey!
homba n. fox
hombeer n. autumn
hraeth n. all, everything, everyone; world
hrair n. thousand. U Hrair The Thousand (collective term for elil)
hraithile n. thousandth
hral adj. cloud
hraleer adv. cloudy
hraka nsg. droppings. Hraka! a fairly strong swearword
hraray adj. fast
hrarayil v. to chase
hrarli n. doe's stop
hray v. to run
hrayao n. tunnel, run, passageway
hrayfa n. Wide Patrol
hristh adj. down (opposite of up); floor, bottom; earth, dirt, ground
hrow prep. behind
hrudao n. year
hrududu n. car; tractor; train; any motorised vehicle
Hufsa prop n. rabbit who tried to betray El-ahrairah; sometimes used as a (strong) insult, rather as we might say "Judas"
hy v. to shine
hyao n. day. hyao, ver sie methai once upon a time (lit. "once, so they say")
hyaones n. today
hyaont n. yesterday
hyaontil npl. past
hyaoth n. tomorrow
hyaothil npl. future


i sg. subj. pron. you
il prep. to(wards)
Inlé prop. n. the Moon; god of death
Inlérao n. month
ir conj. = i
isth prep. under, beneath
ithé n. man, human in general


kan conj. because
kasrah v. to trick
kes n. four
kesthile adj. fourth
keth v. to ask
kimthile adj. last; final
koi v. to have; to posess
kothen n. hazel
kranahl n. cowslip
krath n. nose
krath v. to smell
krathlay n. whisker
krathuhl n. nostril
kyhl v. to continue, carry on
-kyt suff. nearly, almost


lan v. to know (so./sth.)
lay v. to be; is
laynt v. was
layth v. will be
léao n. night
léaones n. tonight (present)
léaont n. last night
léaoth n. tonight (future)
léeth n. north
lendri n. badger
li n. head
loir adj. less
loith adj. least
los n. water
loseer adv. wet, rainy
loseer v. to rain
lung adv. how
lungeth adv. how many


ma obj. pron. me, my
mai obj. pron. them; their
mailon n. clover
mar adj. long; tall
mark v. to lie (down)
marlao n. week; mating time
marli n. doe; mother
marlifa n. rank-and-file doe (Efrafan)
mayth n. oak
me obj. pron. him; it; his; its
mes pl. obj. pron. you
meth n. talk; saying
meth v. to talk; to speak; to say; to tell
methain n. poem
methnos n. speech
methrah n. story
methroo n. word
mi sg. obj. pron. you, your
mitéath v. to stand up on hind legs
mo obj. pron. her
mon obj. pron. us; our
mul v. to do


na prep. (in order) to
nahl adv. no; not
nahlarny n. poison
nahlay n. fog, blindness
nalant v. to forget
nalna n. enemy
nang n. leaf
nangeer n. spring
nao adj. bad; poor
narn adj. nice (to eat)
naru v. to dislike
natal adj. empty (of)
nayeer adv. foggy
nayilf n. hare
naylfa n. officer (Efrafan)
naylte n. rabbit. Naylte Lapine
nayo v. to jump, leap
néan adj. young
neorsé n. a little while
nesth adv. backwards
ni- pref. mid-. ni-Frith noon
nild n. bird
nildel n. hawk nildro n. blackbird
nInlé n. midnight; "the middle of the night"
noroo adj. middle-sized
nos adj. big
-nyt suff. very


o subj. pron. she
o! excl. oh!
ohré n. body
ol prep. of
olma n. mine
olmai n. theirs
olme n. his; its
olmes n. yours (pl.)
olmi n. yours (sg.)
olmo n. hers
olmon n. ours
on pron. we
os conj. if
Owsla prop. n. a group of favoured rabbits who protect the Chief Rabbit and his doe and exercise authority
Owslafa prop. n. "Council Police" (Efrafan)
Owslathaf prop. n. "Council" (Efrafan)
othra n. tooth


paf v. to stamp, warn
pahyt n. scut (tail)
parli n. = tarli
pathun n. bluebell
pel n. leg
pfeffa n. cat
pli pron. who
preen n. tree
preenahlarny n. laburnum
preetar n. hedge


Rabscuttle prop. n. rabbit folk hero; companion to El-ahrairah (etymology unknown)
rah n. chief; lord; prince; leader
-rah suff. honorific, applied especially to Chief Rabbits. Thlayli-rah Chief Bigwig
roo adj. small
rooli v. kitten (rabbits only)
roolimi n. daughter
rooliti n. son
rowf n. dog
rul adj. the same as, as...as, equally
rusamitha (also -i) n. heart-sister; a rarely used and very powerful word of deep friendship.
rusatitha (also -i) n. heart-brother; see above for notes on usage.
rusami n. sister
rusasi n. sibling
rusati n. brother
-ryt suff. slightly; a little


sai v. to meet
sarli n. parent
sayn n. groundsel
seth adj. some
si n. two
silf n. outside
silfessi n. outskirter
silflay n. a feed above ground
silflay v. to go above ground to feed
silisi n. snake
sisi adv. again
sith adj. side
sithile adj. second
skuf v. to dig
steth v. to sit (up)
Stihrath-rah prop. n. General Woundwort
swith n. hole within the warren
syrién n. strawberry plant


tafo n. tongue
tafo v. to lick
tar adj. fat; wide
tardrayn n. buckthorn
tarli v. buck; father
thaf prep. on (top of)
than prep. before; beforehand
thanléao n. evening; dusk
tharn adj. stupefied by terror
Thaynlé prop. n. Silver (the rabbit, not the colour)
thayrte n. river
the v. to move
theth n. west
thlay n. fur
thli adv. there
thrang adj. right
thray n. bite
thray v. to bite
threar n. rowan
thrennion n. rowan berry
thum adj. that, those
thyao adv. where (Cowslip's warren only)
thyhl v. to start, begin
tring v. to want to
tuhl n. hole leading outside the warren


u adj. the
ulé adj. even (when)
um adj. this, these
ur adj. = u
ureth pron. which
uth n. ear
uthow v. to hear, to listen


vahra n. friend
vahl adv. yes
vair v. to excrete
val v. to help
vao adj. good
vaorah n. blessing
varu v. to like
vatal adj. full (of)
veheer adj. having the gift of second sight
veheer n. a rabbit with the gift of second sight
ven n. in(side)
vesth adv. along; forwards
veth v. to be able to
voir adj. more
voith adj. most


yao adv. where
yaoth adv. wherever (Naylte Éan only)
yayn v. to find
yen adv. now, immediately; suddenly
yera n. snow, ice
yereer adv. snowy, icy
yona n. hedgehog


zayn v. to go
zel n. claw
zen n. dew
zorn adj. destroyed; annihilated; exterminated
zoth conj. therefore, then, so
zyhl v. to finish, end; to kill
zyz v. to sleep
zyzay adj. lazy, sleepy