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They must upward still, and onward, who would keep abreast of truth.
(James Russell Lowell, The Present Crisis)

This is not meant as a listing of every Watership Down page on the net - for one thing, regrettably many of those are simply thrown together with little forethought or originality; I have no interest in pages consisting simply of pictures taken from elsewhere. Nor is it meant as a comprehensive list of the half-decent ones; that's what the Webring's for. (For various reasons, the link to that is on the home page rather than here.)

No; this Links page is an unashamedly biased selection of a few WD sites that I personally find most interesting and enjoyable. I've got a lot from the sites I mention here, and it's my hope that you will find the same if you visit them. =:)

The 'watershipdown' Yahoo Group

This is the place to be for WD discussion (as opposed to role-playing - though you can certainly ask for directions to RPG clubs there). Absolutely anything concerning the story is open to discussion: whether you want to put forward a revolutionary new theory about the significance of Thrayonlosa's death, complain about the persistent marketing of the novel as a "children's book" in the UK, or simply argue about the merits or otherwise of General Woundwort, this is the place for you. You'll need a Yahoo ID to post or get at the Files section, but they're free to get, and in any case we have public archives, so you can lurk for a while and read what we have to say before jumping in. (Or possibly running screaming for the hills. One or the other.) Oh, and I'm a moderator here, so watch it! =;P

Fanfiction.net's WD section

Dozens of stories and poems relating to Watership Down. As usual with fanfic, they vary wildly in length, quality and style, but this is still by far the best place to go to read more about our favourite rabbits. The section was very quiet for a while a few months ago, but some excellent stories have been uploaded since then. Try RogueFanKC's The CrossBearer (now approaching completion after over a quarter of a million words!) or Shinwolf's two Chronicles of a Rah (especially the second) to see just how fine some of these are. I'd also recommend Blackavar's Gift, but then I wrote that one, so I don't want to start hyping it up too much. =;)

Thank U Stars

Despite the somewhat unpromising name (not at all like Bits'n'Bob-stones, oh no indeed =;) ), this is actually a superb site. Owner Entei-rah (also the owner of the WD Webring, and - declaration of interest time - a very good friend of mine) is, unlike most WD types, a great fan of the animated TV series which ran to two seasons (in Britain; three in some other countries), and has done a huge amount of work in creating this site. The number of vidcaps has to be seen to be believed - and that's before you consider that he's done a lot from the Nepenthe film too. That's not all, though: Entei-rah has also written two series of fanfic carrying on from where series 2 of the TV show left off, and is currently working on a third. They're well worth a read. Another very welcome feature of the site is the Fanart section, which provides a home for an increasing number of artists - and some of the drawings there are of quite superb quality. There's plenty more on TUS, but I just haven't got the space to mention everything! =:P


Oliver Schultze runs the Darkhaven website, and given its name those who've seen the TV series won't be surprised to find that this site is very much centred on that. It contains a full episode guide to all 39 programmes, as well as profiles of 65 characters and almost 4,000 screenshots. There is also information about the DVDs and the series soundtrack. This is the English version of a German site, and although there is a forum it's entirely in German, so you'll need some understanding of the language to use it. (Darkhaven auf Deutsch) Even if you only speak English, there's a good deal to see here and it's great to see another WD site still updated and active in late 2011! =:)