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Nuthanger Farm

Nuthanger Farm (point 10) of course plays a major role in Watership Down. Clover and the other hutch rabbits are kept in an out-building of the farm, probably a little to the NE of the main entrance. The vegetable storage sheds where Hazel and Pipkin nosed around on their initial reconnaissance trip, and from where the main farm raid was launched, no longer exist, but would have been on the west side of the footpath, close to point 11.

It's rather hard to work out the location of the ditch containing the land drain where the wounded Hazel crawls after being shot, but it would seem to be around two hundred yards up the path from the sheds (it is certainly quite close to the farm buildings), and on the opposite side. We know, after all (from "The Sky Suspended"), that it is three hundred yards between the two buildings. That being so, I have selected a spot at point 12 as a reasonable possibility.

Late on in the book, Hazel, Blackberry and Dandelion lure the farm dog straight up the line of the Down from Nuthanger. Blackberry is left somewhere around point 13, on the southern side of the road on the edge of the large field which extends south (off the map) to the foot of the Down. Point 14 is the "iron tree" which the dog in the Nepenthe film finds handy for cocking a leg against! (Dandelion waits at the entrance to Nuthanger itself, of course.)

Nuthanger Farm map

Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service.
Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.