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Watership Down Number Plates

Here are only numbers ratified
(William Shakespeare, Love's Labours Lost)

At last they make a comeback! I've had a number of requests (well, two) for the reinstatement of this bit of silliness from the old Geocities site, and well, why not? =:) All the plates illustrated here conform to one or other of the hrair schemes used over the years for UK number plates, although sadly I've never actually seen any of them on a vehicle. Any other contributions are welcome, though please note I'm only interested in British plates: some other countries' rules are so lax you can get away with almost anything, and I feel that rather takes the ingenuity out of it! =:P

COW 511P - Cowslip

EL 11 - Elil

EMB 133R - Embleer

F1 VER - Fiver

H42 ELS - Hazel's

H140 ROO - Hlao-roo

HOL 1Y - Holly

HRA 1R - Hrair

KEH 44R - Kehaar

N1 DRO - Nildro

OWS 1A - Owsla

P1 PKN - Pipkin

RAB 81T - Rabbit

S1 VER - Silver

YON 1L - Yonil