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Watership Down artwork

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In 2004 and 2005, I was lucky enough to be given two truly outstanding pieces of artwork, paintings based on photos I'd taken of Nuthanger Farm and the Great Beech, both made by a very close friend, Eliki. With his kind permission, I'm delighted to be able to give you all a glimpse of just how good they are.

Of course, nothing can quite match the effect of seeing the paintings in their original form, and believe me that was quite overwhelming for me on both occasions, but even these scans show how well this talented artist has been able to capture the essence and atmosphere of the locations. The original paintings were done in acrylic paints on thick card. Since I'm not myself much of an artist, that's about the sum total of what I can say about the technical details. =:P Not that I care about that particularly; what's important to me is that these were superbly generous gestures by a wonderful friend. =:D

You can see a considerably bigger version of each picture (around 450K each) by clicking on the thumbnails above. Please note that both the original paintings and the scans thereof are copyright © Nicky "Eliki" Rowe 2004-5, and as such should not be used elsewhere without his permission.