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As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country
(Proverbs, 25:25)

December 2011

10/12/11 See? I live! Added the Darkhaven site to the Links and removed a couple of dead links.

March 2007

24/03/07 Updated my WD code as I'm now a year older. Isn't that exciting? =:P

February 2007

04/02/07 Made the photographs from my visit to Watership Down available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence.

October 2006

29/10/06 Fixed a couple of small errors in the Lapine to English vocabulary list. Also updated my WD code on the front page.

March 2006

01/03/06 Added Eliki's Great Beech painting to the existing Nuthanger one; happily restored Patrick Jemmer's Lapine to the links page; one or two very minor bits of tidying.

October 2005

24/10/05 It lives! =:P Updated contact page to remove references to the now-removed Guestbook, and updated the beech hanger page of the pilgrimage section.

May 2005

09/05/05 Updated the links page, removing the link to Alowveki since it doesn't look like ever returning - a sad loss, that. =:( Also tweaked a couple of sentences elsewhere to bring things up to date.

April 2005

10/04/05 This site has been voted into second place in the latest WD Webring awards. Yay! =:) (Frith, the first update in months... must do something about that!)

November 2004

15/11/04 Added a page about Eliki's painting of Nuthanger Farm, and added a small version of this to the main Pilgrimage page.

October 2004

27/10/04 A broken link fixed, and the Misconceptions essay tweaked slightly.
13/10/04 Some nicer-looking buttons for the home page - ie with anti-aliased text. The look of these may yet change a little more, so be prepared! =:P

September 2004

28/09/04 Ooh look, everyone - it's a new design for the home page! Assuming that not too many people email me to say they hate it, I hope to extend this new look to the rest of the site over the days and weeks ahead. =:)
26/09/04 Yes folks, after four long months of famine, once again you may feast your eyes on the glory that is the Watership Down number plates collection! =;D

August 2004

31/08/04 Repaired this Update Log. Okay, it's not much, but at least it saves the site from two empty months in a row. Besides, next month should be considerably more interesting... =;)

July 2004

Eek; nothing at all! =:o

June 2004

22/06/04 Fixed more broken links - the Lapine word lists are now up. Mind you, precisely no-one noticed they weren't there in the several weeks they were missing, so I do have to wonder whether anyone actually uses the things at all! =:/
04/06/04 The site has won an award! Second place in the Spring 2004 WD Webring Awards - yay! The award picture is going on here for the moment, until I can sort out somewhere better to put it. =:)

Runner-up in Spring 2004 WD Webring Awards

May 2004

10/05/04 (again) Fixed a broken link. Thanks for pointing it out, Entei-rah. =:)
10/05/04 Added the My WD Collection page.
09/05/04 (again) Small edit to my essay about the role of does to remove a disparaging reference to the TV series. I know a couple of people who'll be glad to read that! =;)
09/05/04 Added the Guestbook. Also corrected a few title bars.
07/05/04 The Links page is now up.
06/05/04 Told you! =:P Welcome to the new site; I hope you like it. (Look, no pop-ups!) I've decided to leave the previous update entries intact, for purposes of historical interest.

April 2004

Yep, you're right; no updates here at all in April. Fear not, though - this does not mean nothing's going on. All will (hopefully) be revealed in a few weeks' time! *looks mysterious*

March 2004

31/03/04 A small, but incredibly important, update to my WD Code on the home page. *ping* =:D
27/03/04 And another smiley is made right! (Unit 03, this time.)
25/03/04 Whaaam! Another non-lapine smiley bites the dust. (It was in Unit 01 of Frithaes!, should you care.)
22/03/04 Small updates to my WD and Furry Codes on the home page.
15/03/04 Updated the main Frithaes! page to take account of the new Methrahessi page over on Logan's Runes.
04/03/04 Added Patrick Jemmer's fascinating Alowvelki site on Lapine to the links section.
02/03/04 Added the site's Winter 2003 award from the WD Webring Awards to the Miscellaneous page.

February 2004

20/02/04 Repelled an attack from the Onions of Doom. =;)
15/02/04 Updated the Frithaes! dictionaries as far as Unit 18. (I'm catching up! =:P )
13/02/04 Unit 19 of Frithaes! is up! Also added Befrafa's name to the Acknowledgements section. =:)
03/02/04 Removed a couple of dead links from the Review of Reviews - the 1978 Nepenthe film page.
02/02/04 Updated the Review of Reviews - the book page - dead links removed, and four new reviews added.
01/02/04 Zapped a few rogue non-lapine smileys.

January 2004

29/01/04 Typo fixed in the English-Lapine wordlist - thanks, Arbutus!
17/01/04 (yet again) Corrected a few glaring errors in Unit 18 of Frithaes!.
17/01/04 (again) Finished updating the book subsection of the Where can I get hold of...? page.
17/01/04 Minor changes to my Watership Down Code.
06/01/04 Took down the festive message on the home page.

December 2003

22/12/03 Started on the big winter update of the Where can I get hold of...? section - just some of the book sections done so far.
16/12/03 Added a two new pics of WD itself, plus a new section for Richard Adams's Favourite Animal Stories, to the Where can I get hold of...? section.
05/12/03 (again) Removed the Open Letter (see 09/11/03), as things seem to have calmed down a bit.
05/12/03 Thanks to Hawthorn for pointing out that the Lapine alphabet has 24 letters rather than 23! Whoops!
01/12/03 (again) Added the site's Autumn 2003 award from the WD Webring Awards to the Miscellaneous page.
01/12/03 Finished the location maps section with the final map - of the River Test.

November 2003

17/11/03 (again) Restored a missing "Loganberry" to my name in Unit 18 of Frithaes!. Now that really was an important update! =;)
17/11/03 Finally! After far too long, at last the Watership Down Code is explained! =:D
13/11/03 Added Efrafa to the location maps section. Also added an epigraph to the section.
09/11/03 Replaced the (by now rather outdated) Site Future page with an open letter explaining about a certain person's unpleasantness.
03/11/03 Overhauled the links section.
02/11/03 Did a little tidying up of the guestbook... =;)

October 2003

26/10/03 (again) Added a little sentence to the bottom of the About Me page referring those curious about my furriness to Logan's Runes.
26/10/03 Removed the rabbit photos - they're now over on Logan's Runes.
22/10/03 Added Nuthanger Farm to the location maps section.
21/10/03 Added a little message to the Miscellaneous page to say that I didn't make up the quizzes there. Obviously the fact that the Quizilla usernames are totally different from a) mine, and b) each other wasn't enough of a clue. Sorry, I'm in a sarcastic mood today. =:P
16/10/03 (again) A map of the Down itself added to the location maps section.
16/10/03 Removed the FreeFind search box, as it was serving no real purpose and almost no-one was using it. Google will do as good a job, really.
14/10/03 (again) Added another location map.
14/10/03 Got rid of the nasty old Geocities guestbook, and replaced it with a Bravenet one. Still lots of adverts, but it's far nicer otherwise. =:)
13/10/03 Started the brand new WD location maps section.
12/10/03 Added a short section to the Site future page reassuring people that this place is not going to be neglected just because Logan's Runes is now up.
07/10/03 Removed all non-WD-related writing from the stories and poems section.
06/10/03 Added a page about the forthcoming site split.
03/10/03 Added pics of a promotional bookmark to the Where can I get hold of...? section.

September 2003

28/09/03 A few very minor corrections to Unit 18 of Frithaes!.
15/09/03 (again) Another couple of strange search requests added to the Miscellaneous page.
15/09/03 Frith in a hrududu! Unit 18 of Frithaes! has actually appeared!
04/09/03 (again) It was temporary! The offending page has now gone, so all is well again. And if anyone (yes, including Nightshade - I'm feeling in a forgiving mood) wants to use my pics on their site in future, just drop me an email, okay? I'm almost certain to say yes. =:)
04/09/03 Added what I hope will be the temporary Nightshade, please read this! page...
03/09/03 Added a FreeFind site search box to the home page.
01/09/03 This site has won an award! *everyone faints* No, really. Runner-up in the Watership Down Webring awards, no less. The award piccy can be seen on the Miscellaneous page.

August 2003

31/08/03 After an age, the MP3s are now up for Unit 17 of Frithaes!. Plus I've made a few small corrections to that Unit. Also, a (very) little bit of silliness has been added somewhere in the Lapine section... *looks enigmatic*
21/08/03 The wonderful new title picture on the home page is by Eliki - thanks!
19/08/03 Updated the Lapine-English dictionary for Frithaes! to Unit 17 (at last) - thanks, Rüdiger!
17/08/03 I am back from holiday! =:) Yes indeed, and I'll be making quite sure that we don't go the dreaded month between updates. Wait and see... =;)

July 2003

20/07/03 Updated the Where can I get hold of...? section to reflect Birmingham Libraries' belated seeing of sense - they no longer block FictionPress.
13/07/03 One more rabbit photo added.
12/07/03 Updated the links page to remove another errant capital R from "Entei-rah", and also to improve slightly the actual info about the Thank U Stars site.
07/07/03 Added a Watership Down code box to the home page - thanks to Entei-rah!. More details here.
05/07/03 Made my smallest-ever update! Corrected "Entei-Rah" to "Entei-rah" on the links page. Isn't that nice to know?
04/07/03 Three more rabbit photos added.
03/07/03 Two more rabbit photos added.

June 2003

29/06/03 Booked in the time machine for its MOT.
28/06/03 Updated the English-Lapine dictionary for Frithaes! to Unit 17 - thanks, Rüdiger!
27/06/03 Added a new Rabbit photos section.
19/06/03 Added a small About me page outlining the way I see my furriness.
15/06/03 Finally got around to changing the links page to reflect the new FictionPress site.
10/06/03 Spelt my name properly in Appendix 2 of Frithaes! *cough*. Also added my LiveJournal to the links section.

May 2003

31/05/03 (again) Added a note to the Lagomorphic Literature page warning people against paying silly money for Frost Dancers - thanks to Wyld for the alert.
31/05/03 A few very minor corrections; answered RogueFanKC's question in the Guestbook; proved I'm still alive... =;)
17/05/03 Added the What kind of furry are you? quiz result to the Miscellaneous page. (And yep, I did get the result I was hoping for! =:D )
16/05/03 Fixed broken link to Appendix 2 of Frithaes!.
10/05/03 Wow, my first Guestbook flame. Someone's actually heard of this place. I've deleted it now, but it was a very feeble attempt anyway. If I get a better one, I'll let you know.
06/05/03 A few small corrections to the links section.

April 2003

29/04/03 Changed the rather boring "My Furry Code" thingy on the home page to something a little more Lapine!
28/04/03 (yet again!) Added a good ol' Furry Code to the home page.
28/04/03 (again) Appendix 2 of Frithaes! is ready to roll. Thanks to Whitney Nell\E9 for the example poem.
28/04/03 At last, gone is the fiction that some of the works in the stories and poems section are by someone else. AndrewB was, and is, me.
27/04/03 (again) Also added a few cover photos to the Lagomorphic Literature page.
27/04/03 Finally! An update to the Where can I get hold of...? section - and a worthwhile one, too, as I've added pictures of a lot of the WD-related stuff mentioned therein. Everything there is my own, which explains why it's a bit battered-looking!
26/04/03 Unit 17 of Frithaes! is up! No MP3s yet (as with Unit 16), but they'll be arriving before too long, I hope.
24/04/03 Corrected this section, mainly to stop Entei-rah's embleer whinging... =;)
15/04/03 A few minor corrections to the Frithaes! section.
08/04/03 (again) Added another entry to the "Weird search strings" section on the Miscellaneous page.
08/04/03 Added Eliki's site to the links section, and took down the link to my blog, as it's now pretty much dead.
07/04/03 Finally, an update! And not just any update, but a whole new Frithaes! page, the first since January! This is Appendix 1, which lists some common proverbs and sayings.

March 2003

17/03/03 At the risk of being called "beautiful and sick like oak apples" (cheers, Fiver), I've put a song (Open Unto The Fields) in the stories and poems section!
04/03/03 Updated the links page to reflect the change in the location of the Furry Music Foundation's page.

February 2003

27/02/03 And another poem! The Cup's Waterloo is also, of course, in the stories and poems section.
22/02/03 A new poem by me - FLR - added to the stories and poems section.
17/02/03 Added ICQ number to contact details at bottom of home page.
13/02/03 Added a "weird search strings" section to the Miscellaneous page.
12/02/03 Minor updates to the Frithaes! section, including slightly more specific acknowledgements and a Lapine translation of my own name (Brekytennion, since you ask - see Unit 07).
05/02/03 Added contact details to the bottom of the home page.
04/02/03 (again) Added Frost Dancers to the Lagomorphic Literature page.
04/02/03 Some early spring cleaning! Cleared up some space in the Guestbook, reinstated the ordinary site logo and reverted to the big "Proud to be a furry" logo, 'cause I felt like it. =:)
01/02/03 An update I really wish I hadn't had to make. Replaced the site logo for the time being with Martin Schneider's Columbia Shuttle tribute graphic. See this post in the sci.space.shuttle newsgroup for more details.

January 2003

30/01/03 At last! The Frithaes! dictionaries have actually been updated! (faints) Only to Unit 13, but hey, it's a start...
26/01/03 Unit 16 of Frithaes! is now live. I really must get those embleer dictionaries updated...
21/01/03 Minor additions to the Lagomorphic Literature section.
20/01/03 Added acknowledgements to AndrewB for his two poems, and added another link.
16/01/03 The Stories and poems page is a little more accurately named now, as there's some actual prose there - the first two chapters of When You're in a Hole, Start Digging.
15/01/03 Some tidying up of the first few Units of Frithaes! to make them tie in better with the later parts. Plus some slight tweaking of the About page.
14/01/03 (again) Corrected the link to the stories and poems page so that it actually works! =:O Also added a new poem, That Nature Yet Remembers.
14/01/03 Yet another new page, this time for stories and poems. Just two poems up so far, but it'll grow. Also the odd correction to the links page.
13/01/03 (yet again!) A few, generally minor, corrections to Essay 05. I think I've also got all the copyright notices changed to include "Loganberry" now... =:)
13/01/03 (again) Slightly changed the About page to reflect the fact that the page isn't quite 100% WD any more.
13/01/03 Added the Lagomorphic Literature page. Not much there as yet, but it'll have more as time goes on.
10/01/03 (again) Reinstated a link to my blog on the links page. I wonder if I can beat my previous average of two posts a day!?
10/01/03 Just heard The Raccoon Song for the first time. Good grief... which reminds me: I've also added a couple of musical sites to the links section.
09/01/03 (again) AndrewB has allowed me to upload his poem, Hazel's Devotion, to the site. For the moment, it's on the Miscellaneous stuff page, but it may move later if I can think of a better place for it. There'll be quite a bit of "construction work" going on for the next few days, incidentally.
09/01/03 Double wow! A genuine links page! Also added the little "Proud to be a furry" button to the home page. (I tried the big one, and it made the page look too unbalanced.)
08/01/03 Wow! A genuine new Essay! I think I'll leave Essay 05, about WD's "furriness", as a "sleeper" for a while, and see if anyone runs across it on their own. There's no rush...
07/01/03 Took down the Frithmassy message - it is a day after L\E9ao Hraithile, after all =;)

December 2002

30/12/02 (yet again!) Rather unexpectedly, I've finished the Unit 15 story for Frithaes!. 1000 words of Lapine - gasp, pant, wheeze. I'll be away for a few days now - see you in January!
30/12/02 (again) Added a little title picture to the home page - I hope it's pretty obvious why it reads as it does!
30/12/02 Created the Miscellaneous stuff page, and moved the information about the Methrahessi translation program to a more sensible location in the Lapine section. Also removed the link to the blog, as it had got to the stage where two reads a day was good going, and in any case I talk far more on the Yahoo Group these days.
24/12/02 (again) Added a sentence to the bottom of the About the site section explicitly stating that furry types are welcome here. I would have thought it was reasonably obvious given that - by most definitions, anyway - I'm one myself, but I was emailed about it (anonymously), so thought it best to make things absolutely clear.
24/12/02 Slightly altered the comment on the About the site page referring to Lapine. The original quote, about how I don't take the language seriously, is not really true any more, so it's gone.
21/12/02 Uploaded Unit 14 of Frithaes! - last one before Frithmas, folks.
17/12/02 Rewrote the introduction to the Lapine course to make it clearer, shorter and less boring!
16/12/02 (again) Version 1.0 of the Methrahessi translation program is now available, though as Geocities doesn't allow zipfile hosting, only members of the Yahoo Group can get it for now. If you're desperate, either join that (free) or drop me an email.
16/12/02 Updated the BBC Radio 4 adaptation review to take account of Neville Teller's comments and the cancellation of the BBC cassette release.
05/12/02 Added a preview screenshot for the Methrahessi Lapine-English translation proggy (not out yet).
01/12/02 Units 12 and 13 of Frithaes! are now available. Get ye there!

November 2002

25/11/02 The Guestbook now has the most recent posts at the top, which seems a better setup.
22/11/02 This site is now available via Google! Make sure you click on the right result, though, as the first one that comes up is the blog. And note that the cached versions are very out of date.
21/11/02 (again) Finally corrected the "Bob-Stones" to "Bob-stones" on the title page. A little thing, but it was annoying me.
21/11/02 Added Neville Teller's comments (yes, that Neville Teller) to the BBC Radio 4 adaptation review.
18/11/02 Ooooh! I'm the featured site on the Webring! Better enjoy it while it lasts... :-)
15/11/02 I've just been accused of Usenet trolling! Yesterday, I heard what was probably a rabbit scream while a train I was on was stopped at a signal. I asked in this thread whether that was what it was, and got told that I was a troll setting out to upset people! I don't know how many of you have heard a rabbit scream, but believe me it's not a sound you'll forget in a hurry, and not one to joke about either.
14/11/02 Added "Happy Birthday" message on the front page, as WD was first published by Rex Collings on 14th November 2002. Also unveiled the Watership Down number plates page.
12/11/02 Unit 11 of Frithaes! is now live - hopefully there'll be less of a delay before the next one.
11/11/02 This site now shows up on Google! Fame! Obviously, the cached version is a bit out of date (only five Units of Frithaes!, for example, but hey, it's a start!
09/11/02 Updated my review of the BBC Radio 4 adaptation.
05/11/02 The Lapine dictionaries are now updated to the end of Unit 10.
04/11/02 Added a preview of the next two units of Frithaes!, and updated the Where can I get hold of...? section to reflect the availability of a US paperback import of Tales from Watership Down.

October 2002

31/10/02 (again) Update to Essay 03 - it seems Nicholas Tucker's Afterword to the Puffin Modern Classics edition has been changed to remove the criticism of Mr Adams' treatment of the does. There's no acknowledgement of this change in the new printing, though... sneaky, but you don't get by me that easily, Puffin!
31/10/02 A new review - this time of the Film Picture Book. A lovely book, is this - highly recommended, and quite easy to find.
30/10/02 Units 08 and 09 of Frithaes! now have MP3s up.
29/10/02 Minor update to Essay 04.
26/10/02 New section! Where can I get hold of...? is an attempt to help people who are looking for specific WD-related items. I've only covered books and audiobooks so far, but videos, music and so on will be added shortly. It's very biased towards the UK, because that's what I know about, but there is some international information there.
25/10/02 Added another "misconception correction" to Essay 04.
23/10/02 A new review up, this time of the recent BBC Radio 4 Classic Serial adaptation. Much longer (2,500 words!) and more detailed than the short articles I put on the Yahoo Group. Also a few corrections to the Lapine course (cheers, Rüdiger!), and broken links fixed.
21/10/02 Blimey, someone's actually signed my guestbook! And, what's more, someone's been reading my Lapine course, too, and written a fanfic at fanfiction.net (go to "Books --> Watership Down", and look for "Blackavar's Gift") using a bit of it! (Well, one word...) Not a bad story, either, though unfinished. Thanks for that, AndrewB :-)
18/10/02 I've done something rather obvious, but which I think works quite well - putting little epigraphs at the head of each page, rather as in WD itself. Those which are Biblical quotations are from the King James version for two reasons: one, it's out of copyright; and two, I think the language is better!
17/10/02 Units 09 and 10 now up, though only Unit 10 has an MP3, thanks to - yes - the one and only Cough of Coughs. It's rather good, though, even if I do say so myself - 90 seconds of really rather fluent Lapine :-)
16/10/02 (again) Added a "Why WD?" piece to the reviews section, even though it's not a review as such - more of an attempt to explain what the book means to me. It's not polished, but it's not meant to be.
16/10/02 Added Unit 08 of "Frithaes!", though no MP3s yet as this damn cough won't go away!
15/10/02 Added a guestbook - a bilingual one, at that! :-)
14/10/02 (yet again!) All go today! The webring thingy on the front page seems to be working now (hello to anyone who's got here that way), and I've updated the Lapine dictionaries to cover Units 06 and 07.
14/10/02 (again) Slight change to Lapine - "river" is now thayrte, not *athleer. The main reason for this is to avoid confusion over the -eer ending. On which subject, one or two of you might just recognise the word veheer from somewhere... and, wonder of wonders, I've thought of a sensible etymology for it - a contraction of ven - hay - eer, ie "in-see-ing" --> "inner sight", ie "second sight". I'll introduce it properly in a Unit soon.
14/10/02 Added this update log. Good, innit?
13/10/02 Submitted site to Watership Down webring - currently pending. Wish I knew how long it's likely to take, or whether I should hurry it along or sit back and wait.